How to commission a service?

Just call us or send us an email. If you have access to our Client Zone, send a query or place an order via the platform.

How to submit a document for translation?

The documents can be sent in any format to our office-mail address: info@wordlink.pl. You can also uploaded them to an FTP server and give us access to it. We encourage our regular clients to send the files via their Client Zone profile.

What is a “fast” translation?

ASAP – in half an hour, an hour, a day? As soon as you need!

Do you have a tight deadline? Send us your document, and we’ll tell you how fast we can translate it. Our team is always ready for action and will adapt to your needs perfectly.

How can I pay for a translation?

You pay only on order completion. Wordlink offers two methods of payment:

Traditional transfer to the account given on the invoice.

Online payment via PayPal. Along with the invoice we send you a link by email, offering a quick and easy way to make a payment by credit or debit card.

Why are there no prices on the website?

Because each order is treated individually. We are flexible and adjust to the needs of each client. In pricing the service, we consider the type of translation, the unit of account, the mode in which it is performed and, above all, your expectations.

Why the preliminary pricing may differ from the final pricing?

The final product of our work is the translated text. The number of characters in the translation may be higher than in the source text, the difference being 15% on average. The preliminary pricing is always performed based on the source texts. The final pricing can only be presented after the translation has been delivered.

Unit of account – what is it?

Each service is charged on the basis of its unit of account. In the table below you will find explanations of the terms that appear in our offer.

Type of service Unit of account
Standard translation Page – 1600 characters (including spaces)
Certified (sworn) translation Page – 1125 characters (including spaces)
Audiovisual translation Act – 10 minutes of audiovisual material
Interpretation Block – 4 hours
How can I get a sworn translation?

The original certified document can be picked up in person at our office in the centre of Warsaw. We also send the translation as a registered letter through the Polish Post at our expense. Courier delivery the next day (or the same day in Warsaw) is paid by the customer.

What is Client Zone?

It’s a space for communication between Wordlink and the client. We give you access to the system, so you can easily and quickly place an order, add files to translate, and check order status, payment arrangements and project deadlines. Using the Client Zone, you can access glossaries and other language materials that emerge during collaboration with Wordlink and may be useful for subsequent orders.

What is audiodescription?

Audiodescription is a new field. It serves the purpose of making visual content available to the blind and the visually impaired by the means of verbal narration recorded by the voice artist who describes the visual content. Audiodescription is used in films, to describe pictures, works of art, photographs, etc.